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Treasure Hunting

Welcome to our TREASURE HUNTING in Sibuyan Island !

Treasure Hunting in Sibuyan Island describes the search of small treasures on different locations around the whole island and offshore. We create special trails with a nice surrounding, or places with a tremendous panorama on your way to find the hidden treasures.

To find the hidden treasures NO shovel or similar tools are required. Only a GPS Receiver or a Smartphone with an GPS Application.

Treasure Hunting in the Philippines
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the Treasure Map

It is also called, or well-known as Geocaching Adventure.

All Treasure spots coming in different levels and some are combined with riddles. Solve the riddles and at the end of the way you reach your personal treasure.

Actual there are 9 spots on land and 1 spot on our Robinson Crusoe Island available.

On your way to reach the treasures you have to...

- Cross 7 rivers
- Dive into the cleanest River in the Philippines
- Hike through the dense rainforest
- Sail to Sibuyan's Robinson Crusoe Island