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Sibuyan Island... the Galapagos of Asia

Dear visitors, dear guests,

You are welcome on an island that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Because of it's most unexplored areas on land and on sea, but blessed with a unique rich biodiversity and endemic flora and fauna, this island is called as the Galapagos of Asia.

Enjoy this Archipelago, as one of the last paradise on earth, located literally in the heart of the Philippines, embedded into turquoise-coloured water and dominated by the Mount Guiting Guiting, as the 2058m high landmark of Sibuyan Island.

Nature Paradise Sibuyan Island

“Pure Nature” that is the headline of Sibuyan Island.
A real beauty island without mass tourism and party miles

If you are a Nature Lover and you are looking for Individual tourism and Adventure, then hold Sibuyan in your mind.

Scientists from around the world agree...
This extremely valuable jewel must be preserved and protected, because this is waiting for you:

- the world’s densest forest
- five forest formations
- different local climate zones
- beautiful waterfalls
- endemic flora & fauna
- crystal clear rivers*
- freshwater lagoons
- bays and lonesome beaches

*The Cantingas River on Sibuyan Island
- #1 of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines

Sibuyan Island is the second largest island of Romblon Province.
It measures 28 km. at its widest point from east to west, and 24 km. from north to south.

The island has a land area of approximately 45,600 has. It is located at 12°21’ N latitude and 122°39’ E longitude at the center of the Philippine archipelago and is surrounded by the islands of Marinduque in the north, Panay in the south, Masbate in the east, and Romblon and Tablas in the west.

More than half of the Island is covered with forest. Preliminary reports include that the forest density in Sibuyan is 1,551 trees per hectare making it the densest forest ever recorded in the world. Although most of the forested area in Sibuyan consists of lowland forest, the island has a full range of forest gradient in the Philippines consisting of mangrove, lowland, montane, mossy forests, heathland and grassland.

Sibuyan Island has lived in isolation from the rest of the world since its birth and never in its geological history has it ever been connected with any part of the Philippine archipelago.
The Island of Sibuyan is also known for its unique intact chain of ecosystems with his endemic flora & fauna, dominated by the 2.058m high Mount Guiting Guiting.

Mount Guiting Guiting, the natural landmark of Sibuyan Island is considered as one of the most demanding climbing goals (Level III) worldwide.

In addition, because of the steep slopes, much of its original forest remains untouched, and the rest is the island as we find it today.
Primary forests cover 140 square kilometres, which is 33% of the land area of Sibuyan.

However, most of the lower altitude forest has been logged or is secondary. Mt. Guiting-guiting Natural Park (equivalent to the IUCN category of National Park) founded by the WWF in 1996, was established to protect these forests, which are mainly in the centre and north of the island, and covers an area of 157 qkm out of Sibuyan's total area of 445 qkm.

The park is remarkable for its outstandingly scenic landscape with twin towering peaks set amidst closed canopy forests. Its forests remain largely intact, and include the entire elevational gradient from lowland dipterocarp forest (at 200 to 900 m) and mangroves, through montane forest (above 700 m) to mossy forest, heathland and montane grassland around the peaks.

"Sibuyan Island, a small mountainous island in the central Philippines. This island, which is oceanic in origin and during the Pleistocene at least was not connected to any other island mass, has an exceptional amount of intact primary forest, including lowland forest, a habitat that has all but been destroyed in the Philippines. The mammalian fauna of Sibuyan Island is exceptionally high in endemic species and also contains many other species that are threatened throughout the Philippines. Current logging operations severely threaten the remaining areas of lowland forest on the island. With forests of the Philippines under intense pressure, the most realistic hope for conservation lies in the protection of forests on islands where the population and political pressures are less intense. Sibuyan Island is an excellent candidate for such initiative."

Source: (

Nepenthes-sibuyanensis - Endemic Pitcher Plant in Sibuyan Island the Galapagos of Asia

Endemic/Endemism is the ecological state of being unique to a defined geographic location, such as an island, nation or other defined zone, or habitat type; organisms that are indigenous to a place are not endemic to it if they are also found elsewhere.

For Sibuyan Island exact figures on numbers of total plant species are hard to give, as biologists stumble upon species yet unidentified by the scientific community. In one study, the National Museum identified 1,551 trees in a single hectare, with 123 species of trees, and of this number, 54 are found nowhere else in the world.

Hence, it has been proclaimed as one of the world’s most diverse and dense forests. There are estimated to be 700 vascular plant species on the island. Nepenthes sibuyanensis, a pitcher plant species, is also endemic as its scientific name suggests.

There are 131 species of birds and ten species of fruit bats, and many dwelling mammals, reptiles, and rodents yet to be fully catalogued.

Actual listed as endemic to Sibuyan Island:

Accommodations and Activities around Sibuyan Island
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Discover the nature, enjoy a bath under a waterfall, or use our island round trips and also our guided mountain tours.
For this Sibuyan Adventures is operational and offers Adventure Tours on Sibuyan Island or we create together your prefered Activties.

Thats Adventure & Individual tourism pure.

As a special highlight we also offer you day trips to the nearly uninhabited island “Cresta de Gallo” as a part of Sibuyan. You think that you are transferred to a South Seas island with a bit of Robinson Crusoe feeling.

Go fishing, snorkelling or surfing. Enjoy and relax on this beautiful island ! In the meantime a picnic will be prepared for you.

The adventure begins...
Welcome on Sibuyan Island the Galapagos of Asia

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